Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Silicon Heat

My 8:30 prophylaxis this morning alerted me that I've been featured on SiliconBeat, one of my favorite sites to keep up with technology trends when I'm not leafing through that dusty stack of dental journals. So, a hearty hello to all forward-thinking readers of said blog. My site has been operating mainly in a stealth mode up to now so I look forward to some interesting dialogue with the dentosphere. In the meantime I know my employer prefers me to spend more time "drilling" and less "spilling" online so I bid you a warm adieu for today.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Hello from Web 2.0

This is a great show so far, just taking a quick break to post an update. Haven't run into any other dentists but a lot of great technology. My favorite is Zvents, which looks like it could be a great way to track my patients' appointments online as well as my own busy calendar. The next up-and-coming area will be online access to health and (of course) dental records, to give patients much more insight and instant access to information about their health and well-being. I predict a boom in health related sites and technology now that everyone's talking about "Ajax" (still unclear on the concept, but I don't recommend it for whitening your teeth).